Hot Electric Hair Razor
Hot Electric Hair Razor
Hot Electric Hair Razor

Hot Electric Hair Razor

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A superior quality hot razor made to gently removel hair for a visibly smoother-looking hairstyle. Hot razors avoid damaging the hair when cutting. The heated blade also seals the hair's cuticle preventing split ends and frizz. Comes with 2 pcs of replacement blade in addition. Blades are wet and dry, precise and clean allowing users to operate faster and easier, so cutting becomes safe and saves time and effort.

Key benefits:

  • Light weight and incredibly easy to use.
  • Ergonomic design, ensuring user comfort and convenience, power cord, ensure the safety.
  • The razor blade motion produces a clean and smooth hot razor cut through wet or dry hair.
  • Create amazing new looks with unbelievable texture.
  • Effortless cutting gives you enhanced control and precision.
  • Three models:Heating vibration, heating only and normal tapering. Can easily switch.