For several years Tiffany Pate has made her mark on the hair & beauty industry as a salon hairstylist networking with emerging talents. She has trained with many of the top industry leaders and legends in all aspects of beauty. Tiffany has a distinctive eye for creativity which has drawn her into the world of freelance hair & make up artistry. As a highly experienced hair stylist & makeup artist originally from Tampa, FL, Tiffany seeks to always provide her clients with a dependable, detail orientated and multifaceted professional experience. Tiffany is an artist keen to enhance the natural beauty of her subject no matter the gender, ethnicity, or character portrayal. Tiffany ensures that her work grants each client an individual confidence, creating not only a look but an attitude. With each project, Tiffany has come in to contact with people from all walks of life of which in turn enabled her skills to develop and blossom. Her strong work ethic is centered on the client, always resulting in a finish of perfection.

Your look, your beauty, your artist, Tiffany Pate.