Simplicity Blow Dryer Brush

Simplicity Blow Dryer Brush

$ 74.00 $ 90.00



This 2 in 1 hair straightener and styler makes straightening your hair as easy as combing it.It is safe so you will not burn your hands or scalp.It is also something you can do yourself and get professional results so you will not have to spend a lot of time and money at the salon.Our electric hair comb detangling bristles can give a straight style to your hair no matter which hair type you have soft,thin, thick or curly.It helps detangle your hair and straighten hair instantly.Make your hair healthy,shiny, sleek,frizz-free.

Key features:

  • Style your hair quickly as you want.
  • Adjustable heat temperature from 80 °C to 160 °C.
  • Designed to prevent scalding and burning.
  • Easily solve hair knotting,reduce pain and hair breakage.
  • It gives you a silky and natural straight look.
  • Take advantage of temperature control so you can straighten your hair without damaging them.

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