Carbon Hair Combs

Carbon Hair Combs

$ 32.00 $ 42.00



9 pcs of fine hair cutting combs with fine teeth for most hair types which is an adequate quantity for you to use. All combs act as measuring device. The half length second teeth makes it easy to pick up hair and create partings. All combs are lightweight and durable. These are also suitable for cutting, hair dying and other work in regular use, making hair smooth and silky soft so that your hair and scalp will be healthier.

Key features:

  • The carbon fiber combs are more lighter and significantly stronger than plastic combs.
  • These carbon fiber combs are useful for adding volume to straight or wavy hair.
  •  It has finely spaced teeth to grip even the finest of hair well.
  • If you use it regularly it will add brilliant luster to dull hair and leaves hair smooth and silky soft.
  • The alternating length teeth with serrated edges are good for teasing hair. They won't scratch your scalp or get caught in knots.

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